Steam Cleaner Mops & Replacement Pads

The steam mop category is a fast growing segment of the floor care category. Driven by the “green” movement, steam mops offer a hygienic alternative to traditional mopping as they clean with the cleaning power of steam versus chemicals.

Home Care Industries product line includes upright steam mops and hand held units as well as Honeywell replacement steam mop pads.

HomeCare’s steam mops have highly competitive features and are lightweight, easy to maneuver with low profile pivoting heads, heat up fast and have long use times.

HomeCare’s hand held steamers are sleek, ultra portable and versatile. They are available with an attachment kit that allows it to be used in locations and surfaces both inside and outside the home including kitchen appliances, living room windows and blinds, bathroom grout and automobile hub cabs.

Honeywell replacement steam mop pads are multi-layer cloth pads. They are safe for all hard floor surfaces and are machine washable.