Acosta Sales & Marketing

Founded in 1927, Acosta has grown from a local food broker to become a leading outsourced sales and marketing agency serving consumer packaged goods companies and retailers across the United States and Canada.

When it came to selecting a sales and marketing agency to represent Home Care Industries to retailers in the US, Acosta was the only choice because it offers a unique combination of trusted leadership, extensive reach, critical expertise, and a results-oriented approach to help us realize our true sales potential in stores across the United States and Canada. We rely on Acosta to act as a strategic advisor providing thought leadership along with the most innovative tools to consistently meet our goals and exceed our expectations. Ultimately it’s Acosta’s services and solutions that allow us to focus on our core business — manufacturing the best products for clean and healthy homes.

HomeCare selected Acosta to represent the FebrezeTM brand of carpet care products at retailers across North America.