Independent Retailer Activation Program (IRAP) Registration Form

Please fill out the form below to be approved for participation in IRAP.

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Once you have been approved to be part of IRAP you will be able to:

1. Be listed in our database and come up in web maps on when consumers search for stores that have our products in your area.

2. Have access to your personalized microsite identified with your logo that allows you to search for the right Microlined part number for your customer’s specific make and model vacuum. You can also put a link to this microsite right on your website or use the microsite as your own website if you don’t have one

3. Enter the Independent Retailer Forum to share ideas and information with other independent retailers in the program

Here’s How It Works:

Once you’ve been approved you will be sent an email including:

1. A link to your microsite profile page

2. A username and password to enter the profile page

3. Instructions on how to set up your microsite including how to post your logo to the site

4. A link to the Independent Retailer Forum where you use the same username and password (Note you can also enter the forum from the HomeCare Website via the login register page