Mission & Core Business

Home Care Industries is committed to making the finest quality products for clean and healthy homes.

We go beyond just looking “clean.” We develop breakthrough innovations, tested and backed by scientifically proven results. We ensure that, wherever possible, we filter out odors and allergens that can’t be seen (such as those caused by mold, dust mites, pet dander and pollens) but could impact the health and well being of people . The result is a clean AND healthy home.

Core Business
Vacuum Accessories

Home Care Industries has been in the business of making vacuum accessories since 1959, and is the pre-eminent supplier of replacement vacuum bags, belts and filters to the floor care industry through innovative product design, superior quality and unsurpassed customer service. We supply our products to many of the world’s largest retailers through Private Label, Branded and Licensed brands, providing an extensive product line with the broadest selection of styles and sizes available. The result is we are now one of North America’s leading floor care companies serving both the consumer and industrial markets.

Deep Cleaning Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Formulas

HomeCare expanded its product offerings in 2010 into deep cleaning carpet, rug and upholstery formulas for both full size and portable/compact deep cleaning carpet machines under the FebrezeTM brand. These “best in class” products bring meaningful, unique and relevant innovation to the carpet care category. The formulas, which are WoolSafe certified, also received the seal of approval from The Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI), the nationally recognized independent authority that tests and evaluates carpet cleaners for carpet cleaning effectiveness. The product line is available in a variety of versions such as formulas made exclusively for pets, and all provide the odor elimination and fresh scent of FebrezeTM. See febrezecarpetcare.com.

FebrezeTM deep cleaning carpet, rug and upholstery formulas are available across all classes of trade within the U.S. and Canada.

Spot & Stain Remover Sprays

In 2011, HomeCare added FebrezeTM Spot & Stain Remover Sprays to its carpet cleaning product line. These “best in class” products can be used independently to remove spots and stains on carpet, rugs & upholstery, or can serve as a companion pretreater product to FebrezeTM deep cleaning formulas when the same scent is used for both products. Importantly, consumers that deep clean their carpet with FebrezeTM are rewarded for their efforts by seeing a thoroughly cleaned carpet and through the fresh scent of FebrezeTM.

Steam Mops & Replacement Pads

Home Care Industries product line includes both upright, hand–held steam mops and replacement pads. Steam mops are a large and growing segment of the floor care category offering a “green” chemical free way to clean hard floor surfaces with steam. Steam mops will further expand Home Care Industries’ portfolio and commitment to high quality products for a clean and healthy home.


Home Care Industries, Inc. corporate offices are in Clifton, NJ with production facilities in Oxford, NC, La Crosse, VA and Ontario, Canada.